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Rolled into LA about 6 this morning; as usual, walked past the gauntlet of drug dealers down 7th Street to the Metro station and took the blue line to Long Beach. Crashed in the park near the aquarium for a few hours, and woke up with a tickle in my throat which hasn't yet gone away... looks as though I wore down my immune system with poor nutrition and insufficient sleep. Let's see how long it takes for me to recover.

I found the ice plants I wanted: Carpobrotus in the vacant lot next to the Verizon building in Long Beach, and the leafy one whose name I can't remember at the Del Amo metro stop. Now to catch the 1:30 AM bus to Deming for $53 while I still have the money.

This Starbucks at the Figueroa and 7th shopping mall doesn't have free wireless, but the one just up the street (closed for Labor Day) has two or three unsecured hotspots around it. So I'll charge my battery here and can then go upload a block away.

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