Catching up on my dream reports... night before last, I awoke from a strange experience in which I was in a big department store with a lot of suitcases and boxes, needing to go buy this or that but not being able to carry my stuff around with me and not willing to leave it. Then I find myself walking through the back of the store, which has a lot of lawn furniture and other large items, and going down an escalator or stairs to a lower floor. I go through a door and there are a lot of little black girls, some of them talking to me. They are all pretty, and talking animatedly with beautiful smiles, but all have some deformity or another, for example one was smacking a boil over her eye and causing pus and blood to squirt out. An older black woman, apparently in charge of the place, was explaining to me that the mothers of the children were drug addicts and that the toxins caused these birth defects. I then went from there to a lower floor, somehow, where there were scientists in white lab coats. A rickety open elevator was already heading up with one or more of them, but when they saw me, they brought it back down to let me on. I saw the buttons, and the floors were labeled in engraved metal in a cursive style; the third floor, the store to which I wanted to return, was labeled Farmer's Market.

Later that same night, or rather after daybreak when I was still sleeping, I had another strange dream in which I was talking out loud, presumably into some type of recording device, reporting to my superiors on an incident with a spaceship, the hull of which was whitish, plain, looking more like the body of a large car with no windows or doors. I was winding up something that looked like an orange yo-yo that fit into a box about the size of a deck of cards.

In neither of the dreams was the protagonist "me". It's as though I were going to alternate universes and being someone else for a short time. The people whose bodies I "took over" probably experienced blackouts for the interim.

Now last night, I (or another person whose body I was inhabiting) was looking down from a bridge or something onto a large flat stone area that had been artfully written upon with various colored paints, ostensibly teaching some modern spelling system using ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs. As I was reading, suddenly the "page" below me changed to another, as if it were a computer screen and not painted granite. On this page were several examples, one of which was the word "biker", with the intermediary transcription "baika" and the supposed heiroglyphic spelling. On awakening, I realized the glyphs were not Egyptian at all, but rather more like hiragana or some other system using planetary symbols and other runes.

That brings to mind another common theme in my dreams, one in which printed pages, as in a book, can "spring to life" and show a short animated sequence. Lately when this happens I think "Wow, this used to happen in my dreams but this time it's real". Then, of course, I wake up!

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