Got plastered last night at the Pancho Villa Lounge, playing pool with some guys from Pittsburgh here on a contract job and some girls from Deming. I was drinking Michelob Ultra Amber, and either it or the shot of El Patron tequila really messed me up. I woke up with a headache sometime in the middle of the night, and drank some water, which helped immensely; by the time I woke up again the headache was gone.

Another couple of snippets from a recurring dream that I remember from last night: there are apartment buildings on a hill overlooking a shopping center; you can get to the mall via a winding road, or more quickly on foot by going down concrete steps on the rocky hillside. The steps were rarely used, and were overgrown with desertlike vegetation and had snakes crawling everywhere. The next snippet was more interesting: a scroll of sorts, made of straws of varying length, sewn together like a bamboo shade, which was in fact an encoded ancient text. I remembered I had broken part of the code previously, and the right-hand side (with it stretched lengthwise along a wall) decoded to some kind of emblem graphic. I think. Weird.

Bought my Sundanzer 8-cf freezer and my Air-X Land wind generator, and now I'm pretty well broke again. At least I spent it on something useful this time instead of alcohol and eating out. Gonna pick up the freezer in El Paso with my neighbor's truck. But right now I'm getting psyched up to jog downtown and start whittling off this beer gut; these jeans I just got from one of my neighbors (almost never a need to buy clothes around here, someone's always giving you stuff) fits too tight over the flab.

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