Here I am back home at the Portfolio! Arrived in LA about 9-something this morning, got a bus downtown from just outside the Greyhound terminal, and caught the Blue Line to 5th Street. Walking up 4th street, I picked a still-green banana to take the edge off my appetite; I hadn't eaten since early yesterday evening, and the half-a-pork-chop that I ate then made me so queasy I didn't touch any more food all night. Then stopped at La Fuente further up the street, and got 2 tacos de carnitas, and here I just finished a chocolate cherry brownie and am sipping on coffee while using the free wifi.

Forgot to mention yesterday, I got my NM drivers license! The picture came out very nicely. No need to worry about that crap again till 2010.

So far nothing to update on my travel page, the day pass in LA is still $3. Let's see if OCTA and NCTD have stayed the same.

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