Over the past few days I've replaced a bad tire on my bicycle; finally finished lifting a (probably) 200-lb. or more pole behind my bunker for mounting antennas, by lifting it bit-by-bit and holding it in place with old tires; finished reading The Long Emergency; ordered Tom Robbins' Still Life with Woodpecker from Amazon; and moved the Columbus Village Library website to my server.

I have lots of other projects to work on, like a rewrite of my MIDI programs, a ROCS implementation, my postFORTH compiler... the list goes on and on... but a good start is I'm (at least temporarily) over my Second Life addiction. Not that I think I have a lot of time. I got a stern reminder of my mortality in Cd. Juárez the other day when crossing Av. Adolfo López Mateos to the McDonald's; I looked the wrong way and stepped right out into speeding Westbound traffic. Somehow time stood still for me and gave me a chance to get back to the curb in one piece.

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