I've been working on a text compression method (docpack.py) that, by tokenizing a common vocabulary, can allow direct search of the compressed files; which, unlike gzip and bzip2, speeds indexing of the compressed data. I haven't gotten it to where it can compress the whole RFC database yet, due to all the ASCII-art diagrams, but it's a work in progress. It should do better with C source, I'll have to run it against the linux kernel sources and see how it does.

Almost finished eating the beef I bought from a local rancher, gotta get some more soon so I don't go back to my bad dietary habits. There's also a new keg of Guinness here at my shebeen, but unless I get an aficionado here I'll keep drinking the flat stuff out of the old keg.

It's been unseasonably warm here the last couple of days and nights, hoping for an early spring! Still haven't had a rain strong enough to test my cistern yet. If I can collect a decent amount of the rainfall off my roof, I'll be sitting pretty when the Machine falls apart. Otherwise I'll have to move up into the Tres Hermanas mountain caves where the water constantly drips from overhead.

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