I'm eating the good beef I got from a local rancher for $2 a pound. If I could only stay away from corn chips, beer, and other crap I'd probably be a lot healthier. Nonetheless, it's an improvement.

Whenever I'd reboot the master WRT54G, the one with the slotted waveguide antenna on my roof, it would take hours for the WDS connection to get established again. Besides not being able to reach the router and computer in the community center, just running ifconfig would show no wds0.49152 interface. So today, after rebooting and finding the same problem, I walked down to the community center, logged into the computer, and pinged the near router, then the master. Instantly the network was up. So I had an idea; I put in a cron job like so:

* * * * * ~/send.py udp 9999 test >/dev/null 2>&1

Rebooted again after making sure it was sending the datagrams and boom! Instant WDS network! Now I can maybe try reloading WhiteRussian pre-RC5 and verifying the network still works.

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