I made a circuit similar to this one to try connecting two computers that don't have any other compatible ports other than modems. I soldered it to a DPDT switch in such a way that I can use the cable as a normal modem connection or as a direct connection. Hot damn, it worked! I made some photos but due to my crappy camera they're useless. Basically, you cut the telephone cord and solder the red and green to the two center terminals of the switch. Solder the other part to the one side of the switch, with the colors the same (if green is on top in the center, it should be on top here). Then run a crossover (diagonal) from the green to the other end of the switch; connect the positive end of the circuit to the terminal opposite that; and connect the negative side to the red on the other side of the switch. Crank up HyperTerminal on both ends (assuming Windows, of course... minicom on Linux ought to work too), switch to the "powered" setting of the circuit, type atdt5551212 (or whatever number) on one computer and ata on the other as soon as you hear it dial. Once the modems are done negotiating, you can test by typing on one and seeing what you type on the other; then you can send files back and forth using zmodem or whatever. You may need to set the properties such that no dialtone is expected. This generates only a carrier voltage, not a dialtone.

A friend of mine, Fn, has a theory that's slightly divergent from Daniel Quinn's (even though she's also a Quinn fan): we (humankind) are in our "teenage years" and as a whole are rebelling against our parents (the gods) while our older brothers (the leavers) are remaining obedient. She thinks that no real harm is being done, and that we will outgrow this phase in time to avert disaster, and wonderful things are to come. This fits in with the Mayan Calendar stuff I mentioned previously. I also thought it might fit in with Ouspensky's ideas expressed in the chart in his book In Search of the Miraculous but the time, 16 * 30000 = 480000, doesn't fit with humankind's supposed 3 million year span.

I've been experimenting with CoLinux but don't have the networking shit correct yet. It's a bitch because I have to logout and re-login as administrator to make any changes to the networking setup; running control ncpa.cpl from an administrator window using my administer.bat script doesn't cut it for some reason.

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