Let's see, where do I begin? Made some more bread last night, and this time it cooked nicely, although it's kind of squat. Not enough yeast, or too cold to rise. But it tastes great!

Reloaded rc2 on my primary WRT54G, and got my WDS connection to the Community Center back again. Still couldn't get the WRT54Gv4 to connect though, so I gave The Patio restaurant the new router and got my v2.2 back from them. Gonna take it home and see how it works. It will really suck if I can't add newer routers into my Wireless Distribution System. I also installed the openssl.tgz package to my DragonLinux system, which fixed the missing libcrypto.so problem allowing ssh to work. Other members don't see the benefit of having a local network though; they keep shutting the computer off to save the few pennies of electricity it consumes.

Got another keg of Guinness on order so I'll have a replacement when the first runs out. Hoo hah! Get yourself over to the Don't Nowhere Shebeen, 8260 Lighthouse Lane, Deming NM 88030 (really much closer to Columbus, though), for $2 pints. If I'm not there, serve yourself. When you enter the City of the Sun off Altura Road, just past the "Welcome to Columbus" sign as you're heading South on Highway 11, you'll see a map showing you where Lighthouse Lane is.

I know I haven't shared much of my sex life lately; suffice it to say that I'm still very hooked on a polyamorous lifestyle, and while most women reject it there are enough who don't to make it very fulfilling.

Built me a "proper" outhouse with some junk lying around the place, so I can have some semblance of privacy while shitting. Just a big piece of particle board for a roof, supported by one piece of 2 by 8, and a toilet seat screwed to an old chair. A few pieces of leftover greenhouse plastic held down by rocks completes the elegant construction.

Oh, and as you can see from a previous paragraph, Luna County finally came through on my address request. I would have preferred a Columbus address, but oh well. My first request had been lost, the previous worker who was working on it left the service and nobody took over the email (which address is still posted on their website), and altogether the department is a typical bureaucratic fuckup. But this squeaky wheel got greased. Now I just have to contact the Social Security office in Las Cruces and get them to restart my disability hearing process. Gawd, I hate dealing with civil service workers.

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