Good day today. Got the alpha-test version of PCDecisions 2006-2007 edition ready for Windows and Pocket PC; got my keg of Guinness for the Don't Nowhere Shebeen; and am baking my first two loaves of whole wheat bread in my wood stove/oven, and so far it's looking great.

My solar system has been working much better since I bought a Morningstar SunSaver-10 charge controller from SunCowboy.com, and I'm able to run my flashing lights off the inverter for about 3 hours past sunset. That'll hopefully bring more visitors to the shebeen. Spread the word about the Guinness, will ya? I'm only asking $2 per pint, and that only because it cost me $190 for this first keg. If I can find a cheaper source, I'll only ask $1.50 or so. Google tells me a keg is 120 pints, so if I can get a keg for closer to $120, then $1 per will let me almost break even. I'm not spilling more than a few drops per pint, and don't have to spoon out the foam like I've seen a lot of bartenders do.

I don't know about you, but if I'd found a place like mine while wandering in the desert, I'd have thought I'd found heaven on earth. Good beer, cheap; a place to sleep for free; music (sometimes; it's all on my computer and that tends to overheat); and anarchic literature (so far just some Quinn and Pynchon, but that will improve).

I've gotten my wireless network going again, too! I can telnet to the DragonLinux box in the community center from my bunker. I left a note for people to unplug the router if it causes interference with the cordless phone, but I tested and couldn't see a problem. After chatting with the guys on the #openwrt channel at irc.freenode.net, I found out I'll have to upgrade all the routers to WhiteRussian RC4 in order to add my new one to the system. Trying to figure out how to do it with mtd so I don't have to take apart the waterproof enclosure I've got up on the roof over the main router.

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