Just googled, and the dot-unt (.UNT) TLD doesn't seem to be used by anybody. Therefore, I'm grabbing it. It doesn't really concern me if someone else does later, just remember I said it first... I have maybe 100 regular blog readers who will corroborate. All xxx.unternet.net domains will hopefully eventually map to xxx.unt.

By the way, I've given up on godaddy.com. Maybe I'll update my homepage one of these days to reflect that, but meanwhile I'm going back to DomainDiscount24.net for all my domains. Those krauts don't do everything right, but they do enough to deserve my business. What pissed me off on godaddy? I tried to use their "Total DNS Control" service and got prompted for a username and password, and their tech support didn't have a clue. Fuck 'em. There's competition out there Daddy, better get your act together.

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