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Last Friday morning I rode my LandRollers a whole (golly gee) mile into town, only falling down twice. Except for the too-tight fit, it was a blast. Just can't wait to break my neck using these with a sail...

Really wanted to travel this month but I'm running behind on work and will have to knuckle down for a while. It's been overcast here for two days straight which helps put me in "work" mode. No rain yet, though, so I don't know if my cistern is gonna work...

Had a housewarming party on Saturday, now that the previous occupants finished removing their belongings while I was road-trippin'. Didn't get too many guests but floated my "shebeen" idea and it seemed to go over well. Got to get a decent battery first so I can play music after dark though. Some flashy lights outside would be nice too.

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