Back in Milwaukie checking my email after my voyage through Portland today. Among the places I stopped were a free-wifi coffeeshop called Wired; Powell's bookstore downtown, supposedly the largest privately-owned bookstore in the world; and Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, where I had a warming shot of Laphroaig 10-year single-malt Scotch and a mediocre plate of fish and chips.

I'm favorably impressed with Portland's transit system. The #75 bus from Milwaukie, and the #14 to downtown, run till 1AM, every 15 minutes till 10PM or so. And it stops for only 4 hours, till about 5AM. There's a cross-town trolley, too, and a $3.75 day pass is good for all buses and trolleys till midnight (not till the end of the working day, as in San Diego).

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