Early this afternoon I shaved using a single-edge razor from the hardware department at Wal-Mart. I cut myself up horribly but avoided lacerating the old jugular, so it wasn't too bad... and it works quickly, only about a half-hour with two blades, which I can re-sharpen and/or strop. It's hard getting the angle right so you cut without too much pulling and avoid nicking yourself, but it's worth the effort to avoid all those plastic throwaway shavers. Problem is, if I only shave every new moon as I'm doing now, I'll have forgotten the technique by the next time I shave. Maybe I should do a little every moon phase just to keep in practice.

One of my friends was describing someone as a "pothead" today, and while I've heard the term many times I never knew quite what it meant. After all, almost everyone I know, including this friend, uses pot on a regular basis. So, I asked, what was it that made someone a "pothead"? Did they use it all the time? My friend replied, they either use it, or think about it, all the time. I thought for a moment, and then asked: "Does that make me a fuckhead?"

I'm having a helluva time soldering the feedcone to the N-connector for my new waveguide. I have a Ronson tech-torch with the soldering attachment on, and can't get enough heat to get that big hunk of copper to melt my silver-bearing solder. I'll probably end up ruining both the connector and feedcone, and have to buy more. Damn. Always something. Plus, the pigtail that Jeff LaPlante sent me at no extra charge doesn't fit my WRT54G, so I'll either have to cut the end off and solder it to the board, or buy the right pigtail from Zoovy.com. Maybe I should have gotten the lower-melting-point lead solder, but I figure I have enough heavy metal poisoning already between my fillings and the local water supply.

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