Apparently last night the time changed... glad I don't have to deal with that happy horseshit any more. I'm mostly living on sun and moon time now... as long as I make it to the bar for at least one hour of "happy hour", I'm happy.

Another strange dream last night, maybe in the same city as the last dream I mentioned. In it, motorcycle cops made a habit of driving up the ramp of a bridge, then bouncing off a wall somehow to get to the overpass above. Don't ask me to explain it, you had to have been there... anyway the second time I saw them do it, they dumped a bunch of corpses into the water. Then they noticed a bunch of kids and I watching them, one of them said "Oh shit!", and the kids started running. I was trying to find a place to hide when I woke up.

Today, after a another game of pitch, I went to my cooler for another beer when I heard that same buzzing sound I mentioned previously. There was the rattler, up on the ledge in my bunker, where it could easily have jumped onto the bed. That was enough. I couldn't let that fucker share my house quite so intimately... I had to try and kill it without getting bit, and I couldn't let it get away this time either.

I threw every knife I could find at it, at least 10, and missed with each. Then all the bottles I had available (empty ones... you don't expect me to waste good beer do you?)... but by that time I had irritated him enough that he started moving away. Luckily he trapped his body behind some 2x6s, giving me a chance to pin his head against the wall with a long dried Yucca stalk the previous occupant had left behind while I tried to cut his head off with a knife. I drew blood but only managed to irritate him more, then he got away again. But finally, after a few tries, I pinned his head to the floor and got it severed from his body.

I took the almost-3-foot monster to my neighbor, who is skilled at butchering just about everything, and she skinned it for me; I then gutted it, cut it up, and made a stew, cooked over the stove I had just finished installing earlier today. I invited some neighbors over and we ate the sweet-tasting but tough and bony flesh (no, it doesn't taste like chicken... well, maybe a little) and drank beer. This was possibly the first animal, other than fish and crabs and the like, that I'd killed and eaten myself. Another first in this amazing desert life. I've got some pictures, let's see if I can get them off my Clié this time, not using that stupid HotSync program which instead of getting the new stuff off, wipes out all the new stuff and replaces it with the previous sync's files.

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