Was greeted by a nice surprise yesterday afternoon -- a loud buzzing sound inside the bunker. Turned out to be a hefty-sized rattlesnake. He just sat there making noise for a few minutes while my neighbor and I played a few games of Pitch (a card game popular at COS), then quieted down, then eventually snuck out the same way he came in.

The Social Security administration is still doing everything they can to deny my disability benefits... now they insist on my having a physical address, not just a P.O. box, even though the USPS doesn't deliver to physical addresses in this area (so much for the Universal Delivery commitment, huh guys?). I spent a dollar to call them this morning and left a nice message. They always pick the most expensive and inconvenient method of communicating, even though they have both my email address and P.O. box. Bleah.

Oh, speking of which, the USPS fucked up my forwarding order... how does "Lake Park Way" equal "Aztec Drive"? I'm getting mail for Ms. J. Johnson for a while until this gets worked out... I wonder who's getting mine... Since I know how errors can be made in transcription, I filled out the forwarding order online, and still they can't get it right.

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