Another strange dream, I was in some city, and someone called to me from a line of cars stopped at a traffic signal. I went to where the sound came from, and found my old friend Tracy lying down naked in a little bed in a french fry tray among other garbage at the bottom of a USPS hamper (she's only an inch or two tall). I pushed her off the road (I guess she normally propels it via telekinesis, since there was no obvious source of power), and I couldn't remember how to shrink myself down to her size so we could fuck. She told me she needed to touch me with two tools that I cannot now remember what they are, I think draftsman's tools of some sort. I told her I'd go to the store and come back, but I got preoccupied with other things and when I returned the hamper was still there but Tracy was gone. Probably to work, she works as a dancer. I'd seen her before in other dreams. Trippy, huh?

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