I'm talking with Tim Grady, trail name Uncle Green Bean, who just finished walking 2700 miles from Canada in 102 days, and is now sitting with me in the Tumbleweed Theater drinking beer and listening to Willy Jones and July McClure practice for an upcoming show.

My headache disappeared that same day I was complaining about it... bought a 2-pound steak that afternoon at the store, and cooked it over mesquite wood on my neighbor's grill. Yummy. I'm pretty sure I know now what caused the food poisoning... her dog refused some sausage I'd offered her a few days back... some that I'd had for 2 days without refrigerating... she knew it was bad but I ate it anyway... so much for "stupid dogs".

Anyway, I'm back in the swing of things, but my bowels are still not behaving Neanderthin-style. It might take a few more days till I get completely cured. I notice it a lot more now that I'm composting my own waste, something for which I really needed my own place.

Still checking out the on-line dating and sex sites, finding it's easy enough to express interest on most of them but impossible to complete the contact without paying, except for OKCupid.com.

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