Hurricane Katrina is expected to cause some 8-foot waves or better here in South Padre, in addition to the horrible damage predicted for New Orleans. I have no clue where I'm gonna spend the night. I'll probably hit the karaoke bar again after I eat here at Blackbeard's.

I walked East a block after I remembered that the Wave bus heads up that way on the northbound trip, and found a beach access in between the hotels. Cool. I expected they had walled off the beach from the peons (peatones, pedestrians) on this side. I ate my rotisserie chicken I had bought from the Blue Marlin IGA store on the bench there, and drank my 6-pack of Modelo Especial on the beach, after taking a much-needed bath in the Gulf. I really stank bad before that, but I'm almost presentable now. Let's see if I can behave reasonably civilized at the bar tonight. If they even let me in after last time.

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