A few thoughts on prostitution... the world in general frowns on the profession, calls it shameful, relegates it to the seedy neighborhoods and makes fun of both the professionals and their customers. This is wrong. Women who provide sex for money are saviors for those of us who want sex every night and don't have the social or other skills necessary to attract a mate any other way. In fact, I wish all women would be willing to provide, for a price of their own choosing, their bodies to men to whom they wouldn't otherwise be attracted. It would make the world a nicer place. Women would have more spending money, and men would get their rocks off and be easier to deal with. Religions just had to fuck it all up, so only a select few can get fucked. How many people would there be to fight the world's wars if everyone were getting laid every night? Possibly not a one. Wouldn't that be nice.

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