This morning I had a weird dream before waking... I was in a familiar dreamscape, some small town with a road that curves towards the left as you leave town (Southbound I think), and just past the curve on the right is a K-Mart shopping center; and just a little further up the road, on the opposite side of the street, is a Wal-Mart shopping center.

Previously in my dreams the road was only 2 lanes, and had minimal traffic. But now it's a 6-lane highway, and there's a huge parking lot on the right-hand side of the road, opposite the Wal-Mart, with another two or 3 lanes of traffic exiting. Kids were trying to run across the lanes with the traffic whizzing by at up to 80 MPH; they'd just barely make it, the cars not even trying to slow down (shades of Death Race 2000) and throw themselves onto the concrete median strip before attempting the other 3 lanes. I guess I made it across the first 3 lanes also before I woke up.

Been pretty active on Orkut lately, joining and creating various communities. Too bad they don't have a way to search for like-minded people by comparing all the communities, or types of communities, you have in common.

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