Forgot to eat yesterday afternoon, and though there were hot dogs at the gas station, I decided to head across the border. This time, after a burrito at one of the nondescript restaurants, I went into a little bar on the main street, I think it was simply "Bar Palomas"; and after a few cans of tecate there (bottles? forget about it, only Carta Blanca and Sol in bottles in this town), I went a few doors down, to the dance place. Here you pay the same price, US$3, for beers whether you're buying them for yourself or for the girls, so I wasn't as tightfisted as usual. There was this 60-ish Mexican guy I was talking to, who was giving me pointers on the girls and how much they cost. He said I could get laid for as little as $20. So at closing time I asked Marianne, the same one I had bought a beer for at Lucky 7 a few weeks ago, if she'd let me spend the night for $40. She said OK, and we went a few doors down and around the corner, a place right next to (part of?) the Lucky 7, where there were several (maybe 7, hence "Lucky 7") rooms where the working girls plied their trade. I stripped and waited, and another one of the girls came in to check me out. Then I got out my rubbers and was trying to put one on when Marianne came back in. I was fumbling with it, so she put it on for me and we started humping. She's not the prettiest thing in town; 50-ish, small breasts, but otherwise not a bad body, and a nice dark bush, though too-recently shaved. Anyway, after 5 minutes or so she says "You're not going to stay the whole night for $40". Of course I protested, and of course at that point it was over... she said she was going to get a cop, so I attempted to get dressed but was too drunk and couldn't pull my pants on. Luckily she just got another one of the girls, who seemed somewhat sympathetic to my situation, but I had to pay the $40 and get out anyway. What a ripoff.

So I went back over the line to where my bike was waiting. The (female) border guard asked me what I was doing in Mexico; I said "trying to get laid, but no luck". She smirked and made me wait while they did a background check with my ID. Then I was sent on my way. Got my bike and went a block or two, then pulled off the rubber and pissed out a bladderfull of Tecate next to the empty highway.

I got into downtown Columbus maybe about 4-something. I remember passing out on one of the picnic tables. Woke up and my bike was gone. I wondered how someone could have snuck away with it without me noticing, but figured I was zonked enough. Shit. The bike was a piece of shit, but it had those expensive flatproof tires. Anyway, nothing to do but walk home, so I did. Crashed in my tent about the time the morning twilight, madrugada, had finished stretching across the cloudy skies.

This morning I thought, shit, I'm supposed to work the morning shift at the library and I'm late. As I approached, damn if it didn't look like my bike in the rack. It was my bike! Locked and all... I must have parked it then walked back across the street to the park last night. Ha! So I'm only out $40, not over $140 as I thought. And it turned out I'm working the 1 to 4 shift today, so I wasn't late after all. And though I didn't get no satisfaction, I got out unscathed from my first night in a whorehouse. So anyway, watch out for that Marianne. She's got dyed-blond hair and a contemptuous attitude, and her word doesn't mean shit.

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