Last night, ugh, what a waste. Went to that club on Morena near the hostel but it was already closing, only a little after midnight. So I walked to Cuauhtemoc and turned North; after a while I ran across a stripjoint I'd never noticed before and don't care if I ever do again...

They offered table dances for MX$150 which were actually more of a lapdance; you are allowed to touch and kiss the girls, which I did... at one point I had my mouth full of tit and my hand full of pussy. But I never made it once. Every time I'd get close to orgasm, she'd pull away, sabotaging my attempt. Never got my rocks off, after sinking over US$60 into that rathole. Then the doorman wanted a goddamn tip for sucking me in there. Fuck that. No way, man.

So I continued uptown, back to Las Cardenales 2 where I had been last Sunday. I didn't recognize the tall chick who had danced so close to me the previous time, but one called America told me she was the same one. Hmm. But it wasn't her that got me off last night (rather, this morning)... it was the small one, Alison, that brought me to orgasm both of her dances (naturally, with a little help from my hand). She was hot. But I sank another $30 or thereabouts there, so altogether US$90 down the drain. $45 per orgasm. Not good. I've got to find a woman who will do the deed with me just for her own pleasure. Alternatively, I'd better learn how to fantasize better and just get a goddamned magazine.

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