Happy hour just ended here at the La Jolla Brewery, but that's OK, I got my second pint in under the wire. The calamari rings appetizer was half price and much better than the $12 seafood kabobs I got yesterday; the shrimp was borderline, with a slight ammonia taste. This chef is one of the few who knows how to bread seafood lightly; most give you something with twice as much bread crumbs and grease than the seafood. The black guy at Chauncy's in Pembroke Pines is one of a few others in the world who does fried seafood right. I forget his handle, I think it's JR. I'll never forget the time I asked for the fish and chips and got fried fresh dolphin (mahi-mahi) instead of the usual frozen whitefish; what an exquisite pleasure. I asked him about it and he just said he ran out of the halibut, and he was surprised because, he said, nobody else seemed to have noticed.

Spent the afternoon, again, at Black's Beach. I printed a Google map of the area and finally found one of the alternate routes in, along La Jolla Farms Road, almost completely unmarked but a much easier descent than the footpath I took before (and took for the climb back up). Lots of naked chicks there today, most with guys, but what the heck, the scenery is improving. A guy passed me on the way up the path while I was leaning against the handrail catching my breath, and gave me a bottle of water. Nice people. I like this town.

Over the past two days at Kinko's, I've re-downloaded all the mp3's I had erased in my efforts to clear space for development tools for a RAC job last month. Listening to Hall and Oates's Kiss On My List right now.

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