My physical health has gone to shit, and I can't figure out for sure why. It may be the mildew in this house or something; I'm in the process of killing the molds with clorox but I can only take so much of that every day too. I got rid of all traces of my "cold" (what a silly term) maybe two weeks ago, but then had diarrhea for a few days straight, and now I've got another "cold" plus intermittent diarrhea. Lovely.

Living in a house has its advantages, but more than ever I want to try living in an underground shelter on my desert lot in Luna County, NM. Once the molds are gone, I'm going to give my body two weeks to recover; if it doesn't, I'd better head back out there and start digging. The spring winds should be dying down by now (I hope), and the rainy season doesn't start for another month. Outdoors. Clean air, no chemicals. The way mankind lived for millions of years before this "civilization" experiment put us all in our own little boxes. As we get older, most of us move into progressively smaller boxes until we make a final move to one that's about 8 by 3 by 2 feet. That ain't for me. I'd rather die from a rattlesnake bite and get eaten by coyotes, completing the food chain in a more normal way.

I met a girl on Orkut who lives in Mexico City. Smart, sexy, and she says she likes me... 3 big turn-ons. Let's see how long this can last before I "go and fuck things up... just like I always do..."

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