Word on the street in Rosarito is that business is off, outside of the downtown area, due to the harrassment of tourists by the cops. Specifically, their stopping Americans for any or no reason, and writing them a ticket hoping to get a payoff. The locals have a name for it, mordido gabachos or something similar (biting the Yankees? not sure). The end result is that many stopped driving down; they take a bus to the hotel from San Ysidro or Tijuana, and hang around the hotel district only.

In related news, someone killed the chief of police here. It probably had more to do with a recent crackdown on drug trafficking than the irate businessmen though. The drug kings get along OK with the cops as long as they take their payoffs and look the other way. Why am I concerned? I don't want the army moving in and imposing curfews, that's all. They finally fixed the lights along Blvd. Benito Juarez a couple of nights ago, so I can walk to and from Barandas in relative safety again; it would be a shame to lose access to my drug of choice (cerveza).

But that's not likely to happen. One, Rosarito is dependent on tourism, and two, the Palomas police station was shot up by Dope, Inc. about the time I moved to Deming last year, and things blew over pretty quickly. So I don't expect much will happen here; the new chief will play nice with the drug people, and everyone will live happily ever after.

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