Took a few hours and solved the dependency hell on my server. Mpage was working, but due to a conflict in libpaperg and libpaper1 packages wasn't completely configured, and apt-get kept complaining about it. Tried all combinations of -f, -m and other crap, no joy. Finally removed the goddamned package and reinstalled with -t unstable. Jeezus, what a pain. Just as bad as Red Hat with its fucking rpm shit. Then got my Subversion installation going again by upgrading that package, but had to edit my .svn/entries files and change the URLs to point to my server instead of to 'localhost'; seems I had been developing on the server itself and had then copied the directory trees from the server onto my laptop.

Well, anyway, now I've got my version control system working before my codebase got too complicated, and can now make changes without worrying too much about reverting when things go wrong. Not fun when all you're using is RCS.

I need beta testers for my customer's top-secret product. If you play golf, have any type of PDA, Blackberry, or smartphone that you're comfortable with cold-resetting if necessary, and can give me some usable feedback on problems, I'd like to hear from you: jc.jcomeau.com; you know what to do with the first dot. I can't pay you anything but you of course get to use the software for free; can't say anything more than that publicly, but it will probably be of interest to you if you meet the above prerequisites. Or if you have some friends, family, or acquaintances who do, and whose integrity you can vouch for (I don't want people who are going to give away copies of the program of course), go ahead and give them my email address. Thanks.

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