These afternoon naps sometimes give me the strangest dreams. I was just now somewhere in California, maybe some years in the future, in a post office or some other building, and saw some glossy pamplet with a story about some 1988 cellphone call made Powell the POTUS for a few minutes, and that Congress won't reveal the truth about it.

Now why would my mind make this shit up? I don't follow the news, and I no longer care shit about what those jackasses are doing in Washington. I don't know if "Powell" was referring to Colin Powell or not; in the dream I thought it was referring to some white guy.

I wonder if perhaps we time-travel into the not-so-distant future sometimes, or just jump into alternate universes like Vonnegut's characters tend to do. My body didn't want to come out of this nap so I could write this down, but luckily my bladder disagreed strongly enough. I had a little "accident" with my Stadium Pal yesterday afternoon so I don't rely on it any more.

Googling powell 1988 cellphone OR phone call president comes up with a story about astrologer Sydney Omarr and Ronald Reagan on the WWW, which mentions Colin Powell; and in Google Groups, something about a guy named James Powell in alt.assassination.jfk. But at least in the first few results, nothing matching my dream.

Another thing, regarding Vonnegut: why do his books show up in the "Literature" section of bookstores like Barnes and Noble, while Heinlein's is in Science Fiction? Is there something conspiratorial about this? I don't know which department is more "marginalizing" to a book's popularity, but in my case at least I always avoided Vonnegut until one day I figured I had to force myself to get "cultured", and picked up a few of his books, only to find out I liked them immensely. And I similarly avoided JD Salinger's Catcher in the Rye until conspiratorialists mentioned that mind-controlled killers read it (John Lennon's killer was reading it while waiting for the cops to arrive), and I wanted to see what might be in it of interest (sure didn't find it, whatever it was).

OK, enough musing for now. My customer just sent me another payment this morning, and he'd like to see some improvement in the MIDP program, so maybe I ought to get cracking.

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