When I went to San Diego yesterday to pick up my mail, I was really hoping for a pleasant surprise with those Hypnoskates I bought. But it wasn't to be; too small. This was my third strike with blade skates. I made it a point to buy one size too large this time and still it wasn't enough. So I'm selling them on eBay, and to hell with Hypno (they were going to make me pay shipping both ways for a replacement with a larger size).

Anyway, I bought an expensive but well-made Insul Mat Überlite at the REI store in La Mesa. And some solder from Radio Shack to finish my battery pack. In the mail also was my pee tube, which I have yet to try on, and yet another copy of My Ishmael, a gift for someone I love.

So I'm back at the treadmill, cranking out code for Paypal integration for this programming project. I'd forgotten, but found again, the secret of getting data back to your "return" script, using the hidden variable "rm" with a value of "2". Use that with your IPN script to make it more difficult for people to steal your software.

Also verified information on the bus I mentioned previously, and updated my Tijuana - Rosarito page.

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