I was born about 49 years and 4 hours ago, haven't learned a damned thing it seems... this catarrho is kicking my ass, I haven't coughed this bad in a long time. Can't seem to stop drinking beer long enough to get my body alkaline again.

Regardless, I'm working on getting my MIDlet to run on the iPAQ, using IBM's J9 VM. After a few false starts (I first downloaded the ppro10 package, which was for standard java apps, not MIDlets, which need midp20) I am still having problems, and not even their sample Golf Score MIDlet will work.

Found some cool command line utilities at Microsoft. Sorry Ant, I still prefer GNU make. And I detest XML. I don't care how many jobs I lose because of that. Well, at least not for now. I'm hoping it will die a horrible death before I do.

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