It's nice to be back in Rosarito: the Pacific breeze, the Caldo de Mariscos, the 24-hour internet access... and a very special person who has shared almost 20 years of my life. Yesterday, Friday, was a very important day for me -- a contract was dissolved by mutual agreement, which will enable two people to get their lives back in order. Those of you who read Harry Browne's How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World will know what I'm talking about. Whether or not it turns out to be another big mistake in my life remains to be seen, but at the moment things are looking better than they have in years, so I have high hopes.

I'm building my tolerance for beer back up again, 4 bottles yesterday. I feel on the verge of a slight headache but nothing major, and my stomach is holding up pretty well. The key seems to be no other carbs to speak of -- just the tortilla wrap on a quesadilla or taco is OK, but no cakes or chocolate bars. Why is this important? I may be traveling to Gaviotas in a few weeks. Beer is, in some places, one of the safest things to drink -- beer won't ferment properly in bad water, and despite what some books, including the U. S. Army Survival Manual might tell you, beer has a low enough alcohol content that it alone can keep you hydrated. Works for me, anyway: YMMV.

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