Found another free wifi hotspot in Long Beach: La Caffía. It has only one power outlet, towards the rear near the potted plant -- unlike Portfolio which has them all over the place -- but if you just want to check your email it's a much shorter walk. There are so many APs to choose from here, and the girl working here doesn't know what the SSID is, but 'gis' is strongest, so that's what I used. Their router first redirects you to Global Internet somethingorother's page, but then leaves you alone to surf.

Slept on the beach today, it was wonderful. There were some people digging and finding lots of clams (or so they looked like from a distance) in the gravel under the boulders west of the beach. But I didn't try to forage any myself -- I guessed that they were farming that little stretch back-and-forth for subsistence, and there probably wasn't enough to provide for more than their own tribe. I had found an extra $20 I didn't know I had, so I bought an overpriced sandwich here at the café.

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