Back at the Portfolio after paying a guy $50 for a ride to LA from Deming last night. After 6 or 7 of the El Paso line buses arrived full, with only two more on the way and very likely full also, he kind of had me by the balls. The dude was cool though, he paid for my coffee and snacks. He was hoping to pick some illegals so he could charge more... I guess that's why the El Paso service can get away with charging $50 compared to Greyhound's $45. A year ago they were both at $45. Illegal immigrants will pay a premium to avoid Greyhound's rentacops, who might be tied in with Border Patrol.

Now that I have both my Clié and a laptop here, I could check out the connectivity problem I had here last time. It turns out the Belkin 54G is configured "right" -- the gateway, DHCP servers, and DNS servers are all set to the router's IP, -- but still the PDA refuses to connect. Blame it on Belkin's firmware then, I guess.

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