I just installed John Newbigin's ext2ifs driver, and it works great on my W2K system. It doesn't allow you to write to the Linux filesystems, but reading from them in a "normal" manner is far better, in my opinion, than the GUI app explore2fs I was using on my previous laptop.

I'm working on my /ashbin utilities, which will be the core of God Damn Linux, my super-stripped-down version of Damn Small Linux. Why bother, you may ask, since about half of DSL is the kernel plus drivers? Because, I reply, only a very small fraction of those drivers is needed on a typical system. I think I could get a usable system, with WWW browser, on an 8 meg flash device like the James Bond 007 camera. Not that I've yet had any luck booting a USB device on any computer I've ever tried, but that's another issue I'll deal with later.

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