Finishing up Power Vs. Force. Kinesiology seems to be like dowsing and Ouija boards in the ability to tap into universal consciousness, but unique in requiring no spiritual abilities whatsoever. If this is true, it can be the key, the Red Pill, for freeing people from the religiopoliticoeconomic matrix of the Taker world. Note that it only works on yes/no queries, but could conceivably be used to spell out words: "Is the first letter of the first name of JFK's killer an 'a'? A 'b'? A 'c'? The second letter of the first name: an 'a'? A 'b'?..."

Got a MAPP-Oxygen brazing/welding kit on the way to prototype my cross-country roller skates. Having friends at City of the Sun, whose shipping address I can use, is a great asset! Not to mention, when I bounce ideas off them, they actually listen and are interested!

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