Crossing an item off my to-do list; after seeing the posters for the movie White Noise, I googled it and found out some interesting stuff about spiritual communications. I turned part of that information into a script, whitenoise.py, based on my previous efforts with brain wave frequency coercion. Check it out if this kind of stuff interests you. If it turns you into a walking zombie, I don't want to know about it.

I also finished, before this last job, the basic sequence of Downtown San Diego, the tune that I mentioned earlier: midi and lilypond source. Of course, it needs a lot of work. I had to get help from the lilypond bug-report mailing list because I didn't understand that things that play at the same time have to be in double angle brackets; second time I cried 'wolf' on that list, I'm well on my way to being persona non grata there, I'm afraid.

Not sure what I'm going to do tonight; afraid it's gonna be another really cold one. And still have to decide on that panel -- leave it on the lot, where it'll likely be stolen, leave it with my neighbor, take it to City of the Sun, or pedal the sucker back to Baja? The small hand truck I've got it on now, riding it behind the bike like a trailer, is much better than the previous mount but not really up to long distance. I'm really amazed and happy that it's not already fubarsky.

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