Nice girl at Holiday Inn front desk let me use the high-speed wireless from the lobby! Got the proggie to my customer... fingers crossed.

Almost broke the solar panel several times, in fact I'm not so sure it's working now but it looks OK. It needs its own dedicated trailer with pneumatic wheels. Hey, I saw in the Wal-Mart a 20-inch tire that is exactly like an idea I once had and never followed through on; I can't remember the brand name offhand, but it's an inner tube made of rubber like a superball; can't go flat unless you take a chainsaw to it. I wonder if it's available for 26-inch tires, I'll definitely make the switch. Flats suck.

Man, do I stink. I need a shower. But no way I'm gonna pay $45 for a room; I can go to City of the Sun and pay $1 for a shower. Or just go home and jump into the Pacific. I'm ready. As soon as I do something with this stupid PV panel.

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