Back in Deming since this morning sometime. Based on what I've seen in the past 24 hours, Greyhound is setting new records in its abuse of passengers. Cattle get better treatment. Apparently there was a recent collision on the El Paso to Phoenix route that resulted in the death of the driver and some passengers, and they want their clientele to feel their pain. One trivial example: no sharp tools of any kind, even in checked baggage; they do give the option to have them shipped to any location, however, for $5, something that the airports should have instituted years ago. Strangely, the route I took wasn't subject to that particular restriction, nor to any searches whatsoever. We just got the verbal abuse of the driver on my route, but what I heard and saw back at the station brought up visions of sneering SS officers saying "dein Pass, bitte!".

Bought a bike at Wal-mart already. Depending on when and if my solar panel arrives, I'll be going either to my lot or to City of the Sun tomorrow. Overcast and intermittently rainy here in Deming, but quite warm compared to Santa Fe. Still haven't gotten any real sleep, though. Don't know how long I can keep programming like this... laterzzz...

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