I'm behind on my job, but decided to cut loose for a little while and go get some liquid refreshment. Vince's is open till 3. Nope. Not even midnight and they're shut tight. OK, let's walk downtown to Escondido. No, not the one in northern San Diego county, the bar in the banking district of Rosarito.

On the way, I heard the blaring trumpets and tubas of the locally popular cumbia-norteño-banda blend of music, and the lights of the place were inviting, so I ventured into the pool hall and bar called Barandas. It was in the no-mans-land south of the shit creek (literally) flowing past the new Smart and Final, going towards downtown Rosarito.

Good choice. The girls behind the bar are young and pretty. The beer is $20 pesos a bottle, $5 less than the other two places' non-happy-hour prices. And the guapita serving me gave me a large bowl of spiced pork rinds. I only tipped 10 pesos, so let's see how I get treated next time. If I still get good service again, that might become my regular hangout.

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