Musing over the differences between Mexico and the U.S. at the TJ-SY border. The fucking U.S. border guards will harrass you and belittle you but they won't rob you. The goddamned Mexicans won't bother you at all unless you look like you're carrying something they can get some money for, in which case they'll try to shake you down. Mexico doesn't have border security at all. What for? They only fuck with people individually. The U.S. goes all over the world and fucks with entire nations. That's why they now have to stay at home, lock the door and close the drapes.

I don't think it's too late for the U.S. to have national security like Mexico. They just need to stop sticking it to other countries, and pay reparations to those they've already fucked over. However, in some countries money won't do the trick; some Iraqis refused the cash offered by the Army for the wrongful deaths of their family members. Maybe Dubya and his dad, and all their male descendants, will have to go to Iraq to be beheaded and put on public display, as King David gave up Saul's descendants to the Gibeonites. I can live with that.

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