You'd think I would have learned after that last experience. I got rip-roaring drunk again this evening. I went and paid the water bill (tried El Comercial then HSBC, then finally the water company next to the police station). I am still gloating over my most intelligent conversation in Spanish yet, wherein I asked why the annual fee was more than 12 times the monthly fee, and actually understood the answer (after asking her to repeat it more slowly). No, I can't repeat it back to you in Spanish, you'll just have to take my word for it that I was able to follow... For the first time, I feel that I'm more fluent in Spanish than I ever was in German, but since I have a long way to go before I can claim fluency, I guess I never was as fluent in German as I thought I was at the time... :^(

Anyway, on my way back I went upstairs to Vince's, and in came Monty and some other goddamned Gringo while I was at the jukebox. So I got to talking, and ordering another Bohemia and another shot of that cascabel shit (some spiced alcohol in a bottle with a dead rattlesnake). En algun caso, estoy bien borracho ahora, and I probably won't get much programming done tonight.

On the way into downtown night before last, a tune popped into my head, well, not really a tune but just a funky scale sequence, that I call "Downtown San Diego" and will make available soon as a download. It's really a simple sequence, dododo. dodorerere. reremimimi. mimifafafa. fafamimimi. mimirerere. reremimimirereremimireredododo... (repeat). It can go on for a half hour or more with variations to spice it up. I've probably heard the same thing or something very similar before on shoutcast's dance/techno channels, but I'm going to say it's mine until somebody calls me on it.

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