Just dusted off my pymidi project and found it wouldn't compile under the latest Cygwin with w2k. I fiddle-farted with the includes until it recompiled again, and now can play with my midi archives until this laptop bites the dust! If you get errors like this with your C programs with mingw: "/usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:101: error: redefinition of `struct timeval'" you probably need to get rid of windows.h and include sys/types.h along with windef.h instead, as I did. Or something similar that produces the desired result.

Hrm. I tried to shutdown alyce and billy, the two dickless systems of the internet cafe, with a root cronjob. At 0700 UDT, a few minutes ago, they both restarted instead of halting. Damn. I'm almost sure I know where this is, in one of DSL's sysvinit files, which I had corrected on the master computer (zero) but probably left uncorrected on the slaves. Just gotta root that sucker out and fix it.

I get my $1000 balance tomorrow, and already have it pretty well planned out where it's going. Guess I'll have to get another job started pretty quickly... my poor old stomach won't get much of a chance to recover.

Yesterday, by the way, I went into SD to see the doctor the SSA had sent me to, to determine whether or not I get my disability. Since they paid him, not me, I can pretty much guess where that's headed... I've been warned anyway to expect to be turned down at first, and that I'll probably have to get a lawyer who specializes in this, who will take a percentage of the benefits when and if he wins. And that if you do win, the SSA has to pay you retroactive to the day you applied. Which is nice.

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