Hepi nw iirz, dwdz! Hey, my favorite music download site is doubling their price on Jan. 15, so better get the tracks you want now. That's right, they're going to 2 whole cents per megabyte! What a royal ripoff! Visit allofmp3.com and let them know how disgusted you are with their new prices.

In other news... winding down on my programming contract, gonna take a little mini-vacay before getting back on the treadmill. I was able to ditch the JDE after finding the right magic for RIM's rapc.exe compiler. Now I'm doing everything with the power of GNU make. How's this for simplicity in using templates:

$(subdirs): $(htmlfiles) Protocol.java.template
	for SUBDIR in $(SUBDIRS); do rm -rf $$SUBDIR/html; \
	 mkdir -p $$SUBDIR/html/; \
	 cp -R $(HTMLTMP)/$$SUBDIR $$SUBDIR/html; done
	for SUBDIR in $(SUBDIRS); do \
	 rm -f $$SUBDIR/Protocol.java; \
	 template=$$(cat Protocol.java.template) && \
	 eval "echo \"$$template\"" > $$SUBDIR/Protocol.java; \

Here's the template:

package com.jcomeau.blackberry.$SUBDIR;
import com.jcomeau.blackberry.Common;
// needed for LIBRARIES
public class Protocol extends com.jcomeau.blackberry.TestHttpFilter {
 public static void libMain(String[] args) {
  Common.register(\"$SUBDIR.$FQDN\", \"$CLASSBASE.$SUBDIR\");

That's using cygwin, of course, but maybe you could use rapc.exe on Linux with Wine.

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