I've been drinking Mexicali lately, a sweet, cidery ale (? not sure, but it sure doesn't taste like a pilsner) apparently made by the Tecate brewery. It's only a dollar a bottle at El Museo de Pancho Villa, my ex-favorite Rosarito bar now becoming my favorite again. Some other Rosarito bargains I've probably mentioned here and there before: Carnitas La Huacana Michoacan, 3 blocks south of the Electra store on Blvd. Benito Juarez, two tacos for $12 pesos. Full-size tacos too, not the mini-tacos that are 3 for a dollar at Taco Bell in Tijuana, but these are low-quality, containing a lot of fat, gristle, and skin. However, if you're hungry and low on funds they'll fill you up just fine. The salsa verde is bien picante, so take it easy on it or you'll regret it! Like many taco places, also, you can munch on radishes while you're there. Another 3 blocks south of that is Tacos El Paisa, my favorite place for a quesadilla. If all you know of these is what you get at TGI Friday's or the like, then you haven't had one. It's like a burrito with a slice of cheese melted onto the tortilla, then stuffed with about a quarter pound of fresh-cut beef or pork or whatever you want, and topped with fresh onions, cilantro, salsa and guacamole. All that for two dollars (22 pesos). They of course serve tacos there too, $10 pesos each but much better quality than those at La Huacana. Cross the street and down three houses on the left is the cheapest internet café in Rosarito, mine of course, 8 pesos per hour with only a 15-minute ($2 pesos) minimum. Also the best price on good Colombian coffee, $6 pesos for 12 ounces. Another two blocks south and you hit Tacos Manuel (one of several with the same name), probably the busiest taco place in all of Rosarito. Not any better than Paisa as far as I'm concerned though, and a little farther to walk, and no place to sit down, so not my particular favorite.

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