Another carb binge yesterday: pastries, cookies, tortillas (quesadillas), beer... but, amazingly, no noticeable acidosis this morning. Was it the two shots of tequila with which I finished up the night at the karaoke bar? Or maybe the chiles I ate during breakfast, so picante that they gave me hiccups? Whatever helped, I'm amazed. I fully expected a headache, nausea, diarrhea, the works.

I went for breakfast to the seafood restaurant that serves up an enormous bowl of caldo de mariscos for 35 pesos. Had a Negra Modelo and some tostadas with it. As long as this $100 dollars holds out (down to about $53 now) I'm livin' large. Opened the café early. You can often catch my ugly mug on the webcam during the day. Today's special: free cup of coffee if you catch me picking my nose. You've got to save the picture, with timestamp, print it, and bring it in.

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