I got back early this morning from otro lado. I got my microscope, my 200G (not 160 as I mistakenly remembered) hard drive, and my chance to vote. For what little good it did. This assclown is now going to believe he has a mandate. Considering the way he behaved without one, all I can say is: lotsa luck, world.

Bush & Co.: Immanentizin' th' Eschaton, Baby. Every Goddamn Day.

I took a nap before opening the café this afternoon. Had a very strange dream. All that I remember clearly was some pools of water with underground passageways, and seeing that my navel was almost gone, and "remembering" that that was a sign of spiritual maturity. Locura.

I got fairly buzzed at the Outback yesterday evening, and shot off my mouth about something I wasn't supposed to be discussing. That always happens. Pisses me off.

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