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Sitting in Starbucks recharging my Clié. It means not having enough money to eat well today, but now that my server is back online I'm willing to go hungry for a day in order to be able to catch up on some things. And who knows, I may get lucky like I did last night, when someone handed me a half-full quart container of sweet-and-sour chicken.

First thing is to hotsync. If you're seeing this, it must have worked! Then I need to update my backup sites; switch jcomeau.com back to my server; and switch my email back to Yahoo. This last is something I need to do every time l travel, at least until gmail finishes their HTML-only interface.

Finally found Quinn's Ishmael here at the Santa Cruz library, so I plan to stay in town until I finish it; it's been very hard to find.

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