In my dream-within-a-dream this morning, I had pieced together that the Mexican government (it was some future time, but I was still living in Mexico) was in the process of getting ready to implement some draconian changes in its government towards totalitarianism. And we had to find another place to go.

When I woke up from the real dream, into this world, I realized I had also figured out what was going on in the US right now.

I had the story all wrong. I thought that Bush was doing his job for the puppet masters, but that he was grabbing too much for himself in the process, and they were getting ready to replace him with Kerry, who would follow orders a little more closely and not be quite so flagrant in his control of the populace. But now I realize that's not the case.

Bush and Kerry are both from the same stock. The puppetmasters don't care at all which one gets elected (do they ever?), but this is all about something else. They're trying to determine what percentage of the population is totally brainwashed... so much so that no matter how outrageously Bush lies, his "strong leadership" image still makes people want to vote for him. This microfilm snafu clicked it for me yesterday, but it didn't rise to my conscious mind till after that dream this morning.

My waking thoughts, which are always less accurate than my alpha-state musings, are that if Bush gets at least 45 percent of the vote, then the puppetteers will conclude that at least 90% of Americans are playing their game (since they're split between parties half and half anyway). What I haven't figured out is what they'll do if that happens. Will they start the microchipping program? Or is there something even more outrageous waiting in the wings?

But what do I know, I'm just a conspiracy nut.

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