Sal's House Get real, Sal. Nobody believes your pathetic attempts to implicate your father, if he's even alive, in your crimes. Here's a nice shot of your house, by the way, sent to me by your neighbor k3v0, who's cooperating with me on a book I'm writing. Sal the Scammer vs. Slashdot Smartmob, no, that's too lowbrow. Suggestions will be appreciated, plus any pointers to Slashdot's copyright info. Do I just need Slashdot's permission to copy the whole thread, or do I need each submitter's consent? I vgrepped their FAQ and didn't see anything about the text, just the icons.

Hey Sal, is that white car yours? Why not get off your ass and go get some money for it, like right now? Yeah, you could have sold it on eBay for more, but it's a little too late for that now, dontcha think?

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