Hey Michael, you'd be proud of me today... I didn't actually go dumpster diving for food, but did notice a big box of oranges next to the dumpster at a grocery store on San Ysidro Boulevard this morning... went to investigate, and sure enough there were hundreds of pounds of oranges and a few grapefruits in the box. Many were rotting, but a significant percentage was just dirty. I grabbed a few and brought them back to Rosarito with me (the Yanks won't let you bring in any food from Mexico, but the Mexicans only care if you bring in high-ticket items like computers from the US - go figure). And I've been eating them all day. Well, actually I ate the last one a couple of hours ago and I'm starting to get a headache from hunger, but I was hoping to go the whole day on the free food. There's no point in going crazy about it though, I think I'll go buy a taco up the street...

In honor of Commander Taco, who posted my article today! Another few hours of basking in my fame before the article gets bumped off the front page of Slashdot and I retreat quietly into oblivion again. And get the use of my DSL back!

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